Stu Sjouwerman

About Me

Do it right the first time, do it fast, and have fun while you do it.

Born in Amsterdam, Holland where all my family still lives. I lived in Paris, France from 1989 to 1993 and then moved to Florida. Married to Rebecca, an artist from Sweden, since 1989. I'm fluent in Dutch, English, German and French.

I'm a voracious reader, mostly Sci-Fi but also biographies, and books about the financial markets. I have dozens of e-books now, and used to read them on my Amazon Kindle, but have changed over to reading them on my iPad which I love! My fave early-years Sci-Fi authors are Robert Heinlein, Asimov, L.Ron Hubbard, and Arthur Clarke. More recent writers I like a lot are Neil Stephenson, William Gibson, and recently I discovered Charles Stross who originally is an IT-guy and it shows in his novels!

Been in IT since 1979 and still love the fast pace. I'm starting my fifth IT company this year. You could call me a serial ITpreneur! :-)

I'm a Board Member of the Clearwater Downtown Partnership. The Partnership is an independent voice of business and property owners in Downtown Clearwater. It brings stakeholders together to develop, advocate and implement policies that build an exciting, vibrant and diverse downtown. It plays an essential role in keeping the business community educated, informed and involved in the continued success of the downtown.

Released in April 2011, I have written a brand new book titled "Cyberheist". Cyberheist was written for the owners and management of Small and Medium Enterprise businesses on the perils cybercrime.

You can order your copy at in either Paperback Version or Kindle Version.